Photo gallery

Here are some photographs that I've taken that I like. Click them to open in full-screen; please remember they are my own work, and you don't have permission to download them or use them for your own purposes, be those commerical or personal.

I am by no means a professional photographer: my camera is my phone, which for the moment is a Pixel 3a. I've also taken photos on a Nokia 5.1 Plus, a Nokia 3 and an iPod Touch 6th generation.

The Sandymount rail station at dusk, Dublin southside
(iPod touch) 1 / 5
Dark skies in Mayo
(Pixel 3a) 2 / 5
Atlas at the Aarhus Havn, near Skolebakken
(Film camera, scanned) 3 / 5
The control room at Loiano Observatory, on a foggy night
(Nokia 3) 4 / 5
Me on a rock (in Donegal)
(Vodafone Smart ultra 6) 5 / 5

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