Projects and stuff

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September 2020—Present

In September 2020 I began to build a personal website for me, as well as a general landing page so that my family could host their own websites on the same domain with me, and we could all have email addresses there. This is that website; it was launched in February 2021. (It wasn't what you'd call a high-priority project.)

The website is hand-written HTML and CSS with a bit of JS. It is processed and built by Soupault, pandoc, and a few laconic Python scripts. Currently, it is hosted on a number of Digital Ocean app platforms.

Observing with I-LOFAR

Undergraduate dissertation; January—April 2019

National University of Ireland, Galway

In completing my bachelor's degree, I was required in my final year to complete a project, write a dissertation on it and defend it. My degree was a Bachelor of Science in Physics with Astrophysics; the subject of the project was radio astronomy. I have made the final report on the project available here.

I-LOFAR is a low-frequency radio telescope, part of the LOFAR array of radio telescope stations situated across Europe. As well as general radio astronomy at low frequencies, a consortium of universities including mine had developed and installed a high-performance computing cluster named REALTA, attached to LOFAR to allow for high-time-resolution processing of high-frequency objects such as pulsars and fast radio bursts. I investigated the feasibility of remote use of the telescope and the HPC cluster by students, for research and education.


This website has a test area. It's just somewhere to conveniently display miscellaneous HTML.